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Yoga for Balance

I am very active and energetic and, thankfully, thus far, in good health.  So when I began yoga with Andrea I was surprised by the challenge.  The inward focus, the attention to breathing and to the body, the often difficult (for me) poses, were all new to me and out of my comfort zone.  

 Nevertheless, by the end of my first class, I felt a new sense of balance and stability in my normally runaway mind.  After several months of regular practice, I am pleased to confirm that I am still capable of managing new challenges.  I find that when my inner and outer worlds are in sync, the intrinsic goodness of life is more available for my appreciation.

Yoga for Healing

I was suffering from acute lower back pain for quite some time. I came to realize how much additional tension I was accumulating in my body in response to the pain- just the fear of it. Through consistent practice with Andrea as well as my own morning and evening routine, given to me by Andrea I have healed my back.  It was then that I really got past the back trouble, both psychologically (the fear part) and physically (by learning what stretches are most effective for me).  I've stuck with the home practice twice a day ever since. I have realized that yoga helped more than the series of physical therapy appointments my doctor prescribed.  I really credit the gentle, therapeutic body education I was given for this transformation.

Yoga for Wisdom

I have been taking classes with Andrea for a few years now and have nothing but positive things to say about the classes.  I appreciate the thought put into each session to make sure that each minute spent there is meaningful and useful to mind and body.

Being an "older" student and one who came to yoga in my 50's, I am happily in my best physical & mental health ever. I only wish I had started at a younger age and had the wisdom of yoga to fall back on during my early days of motherhood. I know that I use techniques in everyday life for coping during stressful times. I take the time to notice and observe before reacting. I am more attuned to the good days too.


At a physical level, I feel stronger, more energized and willing to push myself further to that "edge"....such a gift at this point in my life when balance and bone & muscle strength are more important than ever.  

Yoga for Connection

I have known Andrea for many years.  She is a very loving and kind person who has a very delicate blend of assertion and nurture in her teaching.  To know Andrea is to love her. 

I have had the opportunity to take many of Andrea’s yoga classes over the past few years.  What I love about her classes is her effective communication and lightheartedness.  After her classes I always feel a deeper connection to myself and of course, a better physical feeling in my body.  Her wisdom of yoga comes through clearly as she teaches.  Her warm hearted nature always makes you feel that you are well taken care of during class.

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